There’s an actual word for it?!

After wasting a good part of my day on the internet I discovered a new word that describes something that I have experienced quite a few times before, sonder. Sonder is the realisation that everyone around you has a life just as vivid and complex as yours and I think that it’s one of the coolest things ever. All the people around me have their own stories and I kinda just want to listen to them all day.

It usually happens when I’m around lots of people, in market places or restaurants. I look at all these people and I think about the infinite possibilities about the lives that they lead and about how their day has been going. One of these people may just be having the greatest day like it’s their moment in time.Also I think about how everyday life for someone may just be the coolest experience for someone else and how similar yet drastically different everyone’s life actually is. Despite how different everyone’s life is they are probably trying to achieve something, even if that something is simple getting through that day. 

With this often comes the feeling of insignificance, like I’m just a single person in the crowd, a single voice in the drowning sound. So how could anything that I do truly make an impact on the lives of people. Then I think about how everyone has a role in this increasingly complex network of people and how nobody else is saying what I’m saying that way I’m saying it. And I try to think about the people who are succeeding at what they are trying to achieve, surely they must be more in number than those failing to do so and even if they haven’t managed to achieve it today they can try again tomorrow.


If the days of the week were people

Monday is a cranky old man. Personally its impossible for me to be in a good mood on a monday and I will probably complain about anything and everything on a monday morning.

Tuesday is a whining school boy, is it just me or is it actually tougher to get out of bed and go to school on a tuesday and not on a monday. Tuesday is also when I usually procrastinate the most.

Wednesday is a hard working student trying to complete all the work she has been avoiding till now. She has powered through two working days but she still has two to go.

Thursday is an overworked parent trying to juggle all the aspects of his or her life. This is usually when the work starts piling up and I start missing deadlines.

Friday is a fun loving twenty something year old because no matter your age everybody wants to do something fun on friday, even if fun is just curling up in bed with a good book.

Saturday is a responsible forty year old, remember all the work piled up on thursday, for me saturday is when all of that gets done.

Finally Sunday is a sleeping child because no sunday is complete without wasting the first part of the day by doing nothing and then regretting it in the later half of the day.