Pinterest Quotes that just don’t make sense

Pinterest is a place filled with DIY projects I will never be able to do, rooms too pretty to have been lived in and way too many quotes. Sure I love quotes myself. Few words that say so much, whats not to love. But some quotes on pinterest just don’t make sense and here are a few.

“Never give up, ever.”

Sure if you want something you should try very very hard to achieve it. But sometimes it is best to know when to take a step back and say that ok I’ve it all that I had and it’s just not working. Infact somebody once told me that after giving it your all if the project doesn’t work its not your fault. Too many variables are out of your control.  They do say that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

“Trust no one.”

People will betray you and people will break your heart. However heeding the advice of this particular quote won’t protect you it will just ensure a very lonely life. Trust is something that has to be earned but how can anyone even hope to earn it if they’re not even given a chance. So in response to this quote I’ll just say, let some people in and make some friends. You won’t regret it.

“Better days are coming they are called saturday and sunday.”

Okay so I have believed in this for a significant part of my school life. But recently I have started enjoying school more. I think that this is because I finally like all the subjects I’m studying. So instead of waiting for the weekend we should enjoy our weekdays more. Instead of hating monday we should try and do something fun. I think that if you love what you do it ceases to seem like work.

So despite this little rant, I really do love quotes. Yes, even the pinterest ones and I will keep repinning them. These words fueled by teenage fantasy do catch my fancy more often than not. Even though some people think that they are meaningless I think that they are a cute and quirky way of expressing yourself.