Rewind.Pause.Play.Stop.Fast Forward


I don’t think that life would be perfect with these, at least not for me. I know that I would press pause and rewind a little too much and never just press play. I would become so consumed with trying to perfect my life that it would suffocate me and I wouldn’t be able to really live.

Without all this I already have a tendency to fret about what will happen tomorrow or at some other point in the future, if I could pause I will probably never be able to make myself do things that make me nervous and I’ll never get over my fears.

Rewind will probably be worse than pause. I will end up living in the past and not the present, either trying to relive the good moments or trying to improve the bad ones. Instead of reliving old memories, we should be out there making new ones.

At first I thought that stop was suicidal but I read somewhere that it supposedly means stop the pain and I think that in it’s own way that is also bad. The good and the bad together is what makes us us, and if we erase half of it we just wouldn’t be the same.

If I could fast forward, I would just end trying to speed up the process of getting to the next big moment, the next amazing thing and in that I will probably miss out on the small things that make life amazing.

So, I guess that all that’s left is play and really what else do we need in life. We need to live in the moment, take things both good and bad as they come to us and remember that you will never live this moment again.