My Biggest Weakness

We had to fill out a questionnaire in school where one of the questions was what do we consider our greatest weakness. That got me thinking, I think that my biggest problem is that I’m not ambitious at all. It’s not that I set myself up for failure but my attitude towards any competition is that if I win great but if don’t even that’s alright. For me, being second best has always been good enough.

This may not seem like a big weakness but I think that in this day and age a go-getter attitude is absolutely necessary to succeed. Recently I have been trying to push myself more and telling myself that I can be the best if I just work hard enough.

Funnily enough, I couldn’t think of this when answering the question in school. So I wrote that I get nervous when speaking on stage or in front of crowds. It’s not that I don’t get nervous but it is something that can get over. All it does is make me speak really fast.