They’re not just books

I planned to write this post a while ago, just after I went to the book fair but I didn’t get around to writing it just then. So here is a post that’s long overdue.

I have never been surrounded by more book than I was at the book fair. And that’s saying something about someone who frequents bookstores and whose favorite place in school is the library. There were book of every kind, genre and topic. Fiction, art, design, fashion, food in fact name a topic and you’d probably find a book about it. There were the books that everybody had heard about and there were books that practically no one had heard about. It was fascinating to just flip through some of those books.

This fair got me thinking of the impact that these books have on us. A single book can influence the thinking of a thousand minds. It can completely change your perspective on an issue that you thought you knew about. Sometimes it can impact an entire generation. Simply put it give one person the power to impact the world in a small but significant way. There have been studies conducted on the influence that Harry Potter has on children. Therefore, it has been scientifically proven that reading Harry Potter makes children more accepting of the diversity that is prevalent around them.

Personally some books help me get over bad days, others have had such a strong influence in my life that they have changed the way I think and others have helped me become who I am. I guess that is all that I want if I do end up becoming a writer. I don’t want to influence generations, I just want to influence people . I just want bring a smile on some faces and ensure that they know that they are not alone. Anyways, whats a better way to escape this world than to enter another one?