The Uniqueness of Now

While going through various prompts trying to find inspiration for my next blog post I found one asking me if I thought that I belonged in this century. Frankly I  think that this century is the best one for me. In fact, I can’t imagine growing up a decade earlier or a decade later.

I am a nineties kid though most of my childhood was in the two thousands. I think that we were the last to have a childhood that was full of going outside to play. Not only that, I think that this is the perfect time to be a teenager. Whether it’s the selfies that we constantly take or the stupid challenges that have been going viral, I love it all.

Now I’m not saying that everything’s perfect but I am saying that it is miserable and magical at the same time. Each generation is very different from the generations that come before or after it, we have yet to see what we can accomplish. I don’t know what makes us so different, it’s probably the increasing influence of social media and the rapid increase communication technologies that have increased our awareness and options.

Anyways, there hasn’t been a time like now and there probably won’t ever be, so we may as well enjoy it while it lasts.