Don’t you think it’s funny that they tell us how to live?

I’ve been listening to ‘little game’ by Ben J. Pierce. It’s absolutely amazing but more importantly it got me thinking. It sends a powerful message across about gender roles. Gender roles are something that no one can really escape. There are people who don’t conform to these stereotypes but they are exceptions. Each gender comes with a certain set of characteristics and expectations.  And frankly, it’s ridiculous.

These stereotypes affect people of all ages. In advertisements they will always show girls playing with Barbies and boys playing with toy cars. If you conform to some even most of these stereotypes it’s fine, as a little girl I loved the colour pink and I still do. But what’s not okay is that people unrealistically expect you to be the stereotype that comes with your gender.

But it doesn’t end when you are a child, they haunt you your entire life. In India you don’t see a lot of stay at home dads but you do see working moms, but even though they work they are still expected to do almost all of the household chores. Men are also affected by these stereotypes, like they are expected to never cry because it’s too ‘girly’.

One of my favorite parts of the video was when one of the little girls decided that she wanted to read the book she was expected to balance on her head. I think I especially liked that part because I was always that girl. People need to realise that we will be who we want to be regardless of our gender.

Anyways I would love to hear what you guys think about this.                                                                xx