Adaptable, Witty and Superficial


The cynical side of me feels the need to defend myself by saying that the only reason I was even looking into sun signs was because of a pottery assignment but I must admit that I actually found it really interesting. I am a gemini and that means a lot of things, some of them are surprisingly true

Except the characteristics in the title I supposedly am soft-spoken, creative, indecisive ( we have already established that) energetic and anxious. Also I apparently have a dual nature. Again most of these are true (I dont think I’m superficial) but I’m still very skeptical of the entire concept in general. How can the time someone is born decide their personality?

I think that we take the generalised statements made about our sun signs and change them to suit our personalities. I don’t think I’m cunning, communicative or outgoing but I am a dreamer and I get bored very easily. So even though the assignment didn’t help me figure out who I am ( the answer is not in the stars ) it was certainly fun to do.