Big Talk

big talk

It continues to astound me how we spend so much time talking about stuff that doesn’t really matter. Like do we really care about Ariana Grande drinking coffee or what Kim Kardashian names her kid. And we spend so little time talking about what actually matters. It seems  like there are not a lot of people who prefer small talk to big talk, and that is something I’ll probably never understand.

To anybody who is still wondering, yes I would rather talk about aliens, gods and why we are actually here. Okay eventually curiosity does get the better of me and do end up gossiping and you can never really escape small talk. It’s not all that bad but surely talking about stuff that actually matters must take precedence. I understand that you can’t completely do away with all forms of small talk but I really do wish that we would spend more time talking about things that matter.

I’m not saying that all conversations need to discuss theories and the supernatural in fact I think that the best conversations oscillate from being absolutely ridiculous to being rather intelligent. I feel that because of small talk we leave a lot of things that actually matter unsaid.