Some say the world will end in fire. But so much of the world was created by it. Anger what a wonderful and terrifying emotion. It can destroy. It can create.

So many people think that the world would be a much better place if everyone would just stop being angry. Angry with their lives. Their parents. Their jobs. Themselves. It just leads to frustration, at least that’s what they say. Just let go. Be calm.

However they don’t realize that the moment you stop being angry, you stop caring. So what if that child is being bullied? So what if you don’t get what you deserve? So what if that woman is being raped? Not being angry means you accept the way the things are and that you agree with the status quo.

It not less intense emotions that bring about change. It’s not displeasure that will compel you to protest. It’s not annoyance that will make you fight for change. The French revolution was not a result of people being unhappy. The feminist movement was not fueled by irritation.

It is pure unadulterated anger that forces people to fight and to ensure that something changes. Without anger there would be no change. There would be no democracy, there would be no women’s rights.

Yes life would be easier without anger. Will there be world peace though or will there just be people accepting subjugation and exploitation.

“We didn’t start the fire . We didn’t light it. But we tried to fight it.”              – Billy Joel