Judgements and Labels

Something that I do and I think most people do is judge people. We usually make these judgements because of a singular incident and with a solitary glance. Without thinking twice people seem to have already formed opinions about other people. This tendency of mine is something that I have only just become conscious about. Many time I catch myself judging someone and I say to myself (in my head) that I don’t know a thing about this person so I should stop thinking that I do.

The problem with judging someone is that we don’t give them a chance to show us who they really are instead we make mostly baseless assumptions about them. And thats not even the worst part, as soon as we judge people we start to classify them. We put them into boxes and label them. A singular trait defines their entire personality. It’s almost like deciding who a person is based on what they like to eat, who their crush is or something just as absurd a that.

This entire concept is so constrictive. It reduces a person to a handful of traits. It prevents us from looking at the big picture you know the entire person. It sometimes also forces people to act in particular way so that they can be put into a particular box just so that they can fit in. I don’t know if this is specific to kids in school because I’ve certainly seen it there. This is harmful for anyone who is even slightly different. Anyone who does not fit into these neat little boxes, and frankly who does?