They’re not just books

I planned to write this post a while ago, just after I went to the book fair but I didn’t get around to writing it just then. So here is a post that’s long overdue.

I have never been surrounded by more book than I was at the book fair. And that’s saying something about someone who frequents bookstores and whose favorite place in school is the library. There were book of every kind, genre and topic. Fiction, art, design, fashion, food in fact name a topic and you’d probably find a book about it. There were the books that everybody had heard about and there were books that practically no one had heard about. It was fascinating to just flip through some of those books.

This fair got me thinking of the impact that these books have on us. A single book can influence the thinking of a thousand minds. It can completely change your perspective on an issue that you thought you knew about. Sometimes it can impact an entire generation. Simply put it give one person the power to impact the world in a small but significant way. There have been studies conducted on the influence that Harry Potter has on children. Therefore, it has been scientifically proven that reading Harry Potter makes children more accepting of the diversity that is prevalent around them.

Personally some books help me get over bad days, others have had such a strong influence in my life that they have changed the way I think and others have helped me become who I am. I guess that is all that I want if I do end up becoming a writer. I don’t want to influence generations, I just want to influence people . I just want bring a smile on some faces and ensure that they know that they are not alone. Anyways, whats a better way to escape this world than to enter another one?


Why can’t people change with the times?

I have just given in an english project that the teacher insisted had to be hand written. Why? I have no clue. It’s easier for us to type it out and it’s easier for them to read it. This way they can concentrate on the content and deciphering my hand writing. This entire hang up that some people have on technology is something that I just can’t understand.

Technology is increasing at such a rapid rate that is tough to keep up with. Scientists are inventing something new everyday like we just found out how to unboil an egg. I don’t know when we’ll need that because you can’t accidently boil an egg but anyways now we know how to do it. But most of it is really useful, they make our lives a hell of a lot easier so why wouldn’t you embrace it.

Yes its true that we are dependent on technology but is that such a bad thing. As long as the content of our project is good does it matter if its typed or written. As long as we’re reading does it matter if its a physical book or an e-book. They’re just different ways to do the same thing. The only constant is change and frankly it happening faster than ever.

Rewind.Pause.Play.Stop.Fast Forward


I don’t think that life would be perfect with these, at least not for me. I know that I would press pause and rewind a little too much and never just press play. I would become so consumed with trying to perfect my life that it would suffocate me and I wouldn’t be able to really live.

Without all this I already have a tendency to fret about what will happen tomorrow or at some other point in the future, if I could pause I will probably never be able to make myself do things that make me nervous and I’ll never get over my fears.

Rewind will probably be worse than pause. I will end up living in the past and not the present, either trying to relive the good moments or trying to improve the bad ones. Instead of reliving old memories, we should be out there making new ones.

At first I thought that stop was suicidal but I read somewhere that it supposedly means stop the pain and I think that in it’s own way that is also bad. The good and the bad together is what makes us us, and if we erase half of it we just wouldn’t be the same.

If I could fast forward, I would just end trying to speed up the process of getting to the next big moment, the next amazing thing and in that I will probably miss out on the small things that make life amazing.

So, I guess that all that’s left is play and really what else do we need in life. We need to live in the moment, take things both good and bad as they come to us and remember that you will never live this moment again.

There’s an actual word for it?!

After wasting a good part of my day on the internet I discovered a new word that describes something that I have experienced quite a few times before, sonder. Sonder is the realisation that everyone around you has a life just as vivid and complex as yours and I think that it’s one of the coolest things ever. All the people around me have their own stories and I kinda just want to listen to them all day.

It usually happens when I’m around lots of people, in market places or restaurants. I look at all these people and I think about the infinite possibilities about the lives that they lead and about how their day has been going. One of these people may just be having the greatest day like it’s their moment in time.Also I think about how everyday life for someone may just be the coolest experience for someone else and how similar yet drastically different everyone’s life actually is. Despite how different everyone’s life is they are probably trying to achieve something, even if that something is simple getting through that day. 

With this often comes the feeling of insignificance, like I’m just a single person in the crowd, a single voice in the drowning sound. So how could anything that I do truly make an impact on the lives of people. Then I think about how everyone has a role in this increasingly complex network of people and how nobody else is saying what I’m saying that way I’m saying it. And I try to think about the people who are succeeding at what they are trying to achieve, surely they must be more in number than those failing to do so and even if they haven’t managed to achieve it today they can try again tomorrow.

A Perfectly Imperfect World

Can you imagine living in a world with no problems, no frustrations, no chaos, no stress? It may seem like a perfect world at first glance but think about how incredibly boring it will most definitely become. Also the only way to avoid these everyday problems is to either live in complete isolation or to emotionally detach yourself from your surroundings. That said, I certainly would not want to live in a world without flaws.

I recently revisited a place that I swore I hated, Chandni Chowk. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a market of sorts in Delhi. I am not big fan of crowds, and the sheer number of people that were there was absolutely crazy. With the crowds came another thing I absolutely hated noise. This was not supposed to be a rant about Chandni Chowk. I only brought it up to say that despite all this, the parathas I had there were the best I had ever eaten and more importantly that I could finally see why people called it the heart of Delhi. This does not mean that I like Chandni Chowk, it’s just that I think I can finally appreciate some aspects of it.

The noise, the people, the chaos are all an indispensable part of the country and India would not be India without it. Infact, every aspect of the world that makes it worth living in come with its own set of issues. If the world did not annoy as much as it does I would not love it as much as I do. So heres to the faults and flaws of humanity.

Believe – My word for 2015

First of all, I don’t make new year resolutions because I will inevitably fail miserably at keeping up with my resolutions. This will happen approximately a week into the new year. But this year I found something interesting that a lot of bloggers seem to be doing, that is the one word 365 challenge. So basically you decide one word to live the next 365 (well 363 now) days by. It becomes your mantra of sorts for the next year.

As you must have realised from my title that my word for 2015 is going to be believe. You might ask why believe. Well it’s because before doing something you need you need to believe that its worth it. It’s also important to believe in your abilities because only if you believe that you can do it will you actually get around to doing it.

I think that it’s more likely that I will live by a word for a year than like exercise everyday which is what my resolution would probably have been in I had decided to make one after all. So hopefully by the end of this year I can say that 2015 was all about believing in myself.

Things to be happy about.

While going through my parents huge book collection, I saw a book title 14,000 things to be happy about. Inspired by flipping through that book here is my much smaller list of some things that make me happy.

  • coloured pens
  • big dogs that think they are lap dogs
  • the smell of rain
  • Harry Potter
  • cheese cake
  • beaches
  • Humans of New York
  • brownies and ice cream
  • grey skies
  • doodling
  • listening to good music
  • blogging
  • iced tea
  • tumblr
  • musicals
  • rewatching and rereading my favorite books, TV shows and movies.
  • kaliedascopes
  • book stores.

Happy new year. I hope you guys have a great 2015.