Why I Write

I write because the characters in my head need to have their story told. Their lives are far to exciting to be ignored. So I have to muster up the courage and tell you about them in the best way that I possibly can even though sometimes the stories in my head may come out all wrong.

I write because it makes me think. If I’m looking for something to write about  I end up paying much more attention to whats happening around me. It is from everyday situations and conversations that I get ideas for my next post, story or article.

Mainly I write because I have a lot to say. Writing lets me sort out everything that is going on in my head and finally get what is important out. Nobody has the time to listen to everything that I have to say but hopefully people will bother to read what I do end up writing.

I write so that I can connect to people whom otherwise I would never meet. I write in the hope that someone living a life that is entirely different from mine can find something to relate to. People say that they read to know they are not alone, I write to know that I am not alone.

I write so that I continue to believe that I am creative. I write because eventually I want to write somebodys favorite book.


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