A Perfectly Imperfect World

Can you imagine living in a world with no problems, no frustrations, no chaos, no stress? It may seem like a perfect world at first glance but think about how incredibly boring it will most definitely become. Also the only way to avoid these everyday problems is to either live in complete isolation or to emotionally detach yourself from your surroundings. That said, I certainly would not want to live in a world without flaws.

I recently revisited a place that I swore I hated, Chandni Chowk. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a market of sorts in Delhi. I am not big fan of crowds, and the sheer number of people that were there was absolutely crazy. With the crowds came another thing I absolutely hated noise. This was not supposed to be a rant about Chandni Chowk. I only brought it up to say that despite all this, the parathas I had there were the best I had ever eaten and more importantly that I could finally see why people called it the heart of Delhi. This does not mean that I like Chandni Chowk, it’s just that I think I can finally appreciate some aspects of it.

The noise, the people, the chaos are all an indispensable part of the country and India would not be India without it. Infact, every aspect of the world that makes it worth living in come with its own set of issues. If the world did not annoy as much as it does I would not love it as much as I do. So heres to the faults and flaws of humanity.


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